Why I Fish

I have loved fishing for as long as I can remember. From a very young age my Father would take me fishing and I would love it no matter what we caught. I can still remember looking down into the depths and wondering what creatures were down there waiting to be discovered. I loved every day I spent fishing with my Dad.

He was a carpenter, and job sites would usually be located on or near the lake where we lived. In the summers I would often ride with him to work. I would take out my little rod and tackle box and walk down to the docks. On my Dads breaks he would walk down to the dock with a few snacks, ask me how they are biting, and then head back to work. By the end of those summers I was always a little wiser in the ways of fish catching, and a little sunburnt. I loved these summers with my dad.

Eventually though, like with all young men, I no longer brought a tackle box to work with my Dad, but instead carried tools. Those days I worked building decks or painting houses all the while listening to outboards running up and down the Lake. Those days I couldn’t wait for lunch breaks so I could run down to the lake and get a few casts in. A lot of things have happened since those summers. However, all the things that have happened since those day, both good and bad, have brought me back to the water.

Now I fish with my son and get to experience his spirit of adventure. I get to see him see a new species of fish for the first time, and I get to hear his guesses of what the beast was that got away. My son, like me, loves to fish. Therefore, we fish a lot! Whenever I am asked why I fish so much, I often reply “Because its fun”. But the true answer is this. There is still a little boy in me. A little boy longing for adventure. A little boy wondering what creatures lurk beneath the docks. What creatures have I yet to Discover?

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