Fish Encounters of the Fourth Kind

When I can’t get out fishing, I’m usually at least watching a fishing show or reading an article about fishing. I love how the hosts and writers always seem to know what the fish are thinking. Now I know these guys and gals know what they are talking about, but I often wonder if we have it completely wrong. Do we have any idea what the fish are really thinking?

I like to imagine sometimes that there are fish down there trembling, mumbling on and on about the time they were abducted. All the other fish say “oh Leroy’s just crazy”, or “he’s been hanging out in the WEEDS too long”. Leroy never changes his story though. He insists he was lifted up and pulled into the craft. Bright lights flashed around him and experiments were performed. The beings seemed to take his weight and measurements before returning him. 

Yeah, Leroy might be crazy, but they have all seen things. They have all seen UFOs (Unidentified Floating Objects) on the surface. Sometimes they fly by so fast and the fish just feel shaken and a little confused. Other times the UFO just hovers above them. They have all seen worms swimming in the water when every fish knows that worms are land dwellers. They have heard of friends and family going out to eat, and never returning home again. But Leroy’s just crazy right?

I’ll be honest. I have no idea what the fish are thinking. That’s why I just listen to what the pros say instead of thinking about it too much.

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