Need Fish: Will Travel- Lake Norman NC

Whether you are a tournament bass angler, or just someone who likes to get a line wet once in a while, Lake Norman is a great destination for you. I had fished the Big Bass Tour before, but the tournament that my son and I did on Norman has been my favorite yet.

I had originally planned on fishing this tournament on my own, due to the entry fee, but events a few months prior made me change my mind and bring my son along. The tournament was in late April, just one week before my son was scheduled to have brain surgery. Just thinking back to this causes my hands to shake. We were nervous, even scared, but we were going to have one heck of a fishing trip.

We rented a little cottage on the Lake for the week so we could get in some good pre-fishing, and just have a fun trip to remember during the long road of healing we had in front of us. The cottage had its own dock so we could go out and fish whenever we wanted, and fish we did. Each morning we would go out and catch a few fish right from the dock before taking the boat out to practice for the tournament.

Now this tournament was a Big Bass tournament so we were looking for just one big bass. We never found that big bass, but we caught so many fish it was still worth it. I never even weighed in a fish at the tournament, but my son weighed in his biggest both days. We caught so many fish in the 2 pound range, (nothing at all to brag about) but it took a lot more than that to take home a prize. It didn’t matter to us. The guys from the Big Bass Tour treated my son like he was a pro bass angler when he weighed in his 2.5 pound bass. They interviewed him and made him feel so special. I can’t even put into words how amazing that was for both of us to experience with what we had ahead of us.

The week we spent at Lake Norman was truly amazing.  If you decide to go there and fish you will not be disappointed. Your bait will never sit long without a bite, and if you happen to be around for the tournament this year, there is a good chance you’ll be seeing us at the weigh ins.

Just in case you are wondering, the surgery went well. It went great in fact. Exactly a month later this tough little guy was back out on the boat with me, fishing our local tournament trail.

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