I Thought He Walked on Water

One of my favorite songs ever would be Randy Travis’ “He Walked On Water”. A song about his Great Grandfather, and how much he looked up to him. I can remember when I was little, looking up at my Dad and thinking how awesome he was. He was a hard worker and when he did have time off I could not wait to spend time with him. A lot of those times we would go fishing.

Some of my greatest memories were when I was very young. I’m not sure exactly my age, but my Dad would bait my hook with a worm, I would drop it in the water and watch my bobber. The bobber went under and I would reel my fish in and hand the rod to my Dad just as he finished baiting the next hook. He would either let the fish go if it was too small or put it on the stringer to take home and eat. Then he would bait the next hook just in time to hand it to me when I caught the next fish. This would continue on for as long as I could stand being out, and then we would head home with our bounty.

My Dad was the best fisherman in the world, and he could beat up your Dad too. Every Son should feel this way about their own Father. I only hope my Son feels this way about me. I love spending as much time as we can on the water and every once in awhile I catch him looking up at me out of the corner of my eye.  I look down at him and he smiles and then looks away and keeps fishing.

Now I got a great sense of accomplishment when my Dad came and fished with me for the first time on my boat. When I was able to say “throw this bait over there. He would catch a fish and I felt it. Maybe the apprentice had surpassed his master! Now I will not say I am a better fisherman than my Dad, because he is the greatest fisherman in the world, but I love the fact that I can teach him new techniques and tricks to catching different fish. I also cannot wait for my son to surpass my skills.

He already thinks he has sometimes. He will say dad lets throw this bait today, or go over there and fish. Sometimes they are great ideas, and sometimes not so great ideas. It is however, inevitable, that he will surpass my knowledge and skills in catching fish sooner or later. He already knows more about fishing at the age of 9 than I did at 25. I can’t wait for him to drive me on his boat, to his secret spot, with his secret bait, and catch those fish of a lifetime. Until that time though, I hope he still looks up to me, and maybe even as I still look up to my Dad, thinks that I walk on water.

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