Need Fish: Will Travel- Tampa Bay

When I first started to think about doing this blog, I thought about all the cool fishing experiences I have had, and all the fishing experiences I have yet to do. After some thought, I became a little disappointed with myself. Not for the lack of fishing experiences, but for the numerous occasions I have passed up on very cool fishing experiences.

For the past ten years I have travelled to Tampa Florida about twice a year to visit family. Out of those numerous trips to the Sunshine State I have fished there, get this, not once! Now those trips were never to go fishing, but about spending time with family. However, the fact that I haven’t found time to go fishing there one time out of all these trips was nothing short of appalling. So this year I decided to change that, and I scheduled a trip with one purpose. Catch some Florida fish!

Now there is not a shortage of Captains willing to take you fishing in that area, and if you are like me, choosing one can be a bit of a headache. There might not have even been a bad choice out of the bunch, but after a little homework on Google, Facebook, and my Instagram feed, I picked what I felt to be the best choice.  The Inshore Society had one opening out of the few days I was hoping to be in Florida, so I booked it.  

Now when Captain Cristian called me to make sure everything was in order for the trip, I mentioned that my son and I catch plenty of Redfish and Speckled Trout, and that we wouldn’t be disappointed in catching those fish, but that we were also hoping to catch something new. I was hoping to catch Snook. I have seen them caught on fishing shows so many times and was hoping to hook into one if at all possible. When we talked, Florida was going through a little bit of a cold spell, but Captain Cristian said if it would warm up a bit we might have a chance at a Snook. So I prayed for warmer weather.

It would seem God answered my prayers. When I checked the weather forecast the week before my trip it was in the 70’s and 80’s all week. I was stoked. Driving to the boat ramp I asked my son if he was excited and he seemed a little unsure. He was excited to fish, but he just didn’t know what to expect. Were we going to catch a lot of fish, or would we cast, and cast, and cast some more with little to show for it. He asked me if I was excited and I no doubt was, but in the back of my mind I was worried about whether or not I would catch this fish that I so badly wanted to catch.

From the moment we stepped onto the boat I was pumped. The baitwell was full of lively bait and the sun was shining. The only thing that could make it better was the fish. When we got to our first spot I still wondered if we were going to catch our first Snook, but I didn’t have to wonder long. 

Now if I wrote down about every catch we made that day this would be way too long of a story. What I will tell you, is that we caught our Snook. We caught them all day long. Literally from the very first cast to our very last cast we caught Snook. We had numerous doubles throughout the day. My son was whooped, taking multiple breaks during the trip because his arms were burning.

He would sit down just long enough for me to catch one or two fish and then would get back up so I didn’t catch more than he did. Now I think I might have ended up catching more than he did, but he is very proud of the fact that he caught the very first one. He also caught the last one that day. I would say it was a trip of a lifetime, but I won’t let it be. I will make sure it turns out to be multiple trips of a lifetime because we will be booking another trip very soon.

If you are travelling to the area and want to fish, let me make it easy for you. Inshore Society will get it done, and even though I paid him for his time, I would consider Captain Cristian a friend. He went out of his way and even out of his boat to get us to the good spots. I can’t promise you will have a day full of Snook, but I can promise you will have a day full of fun.

Now before this trip, my son was unsure on what to expect. After this trip, he expects me to sell all of my bass fishing stuff and move us to Florida so we can do this everyday. I’m not gonna lie, he has me considering my options here. I will probably not be selling all of my bass fishing stuff and or moving to Florida anytime soon. I will however, not go another ten years without fishing there again. Need Fish: Will Travel- Tampa Bay part 2 coming soon.

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