Fishing Frenzy

Now I think everyone considers me a bass fisherman. I do love bass fishing and mainly bass tournament fishing, but I consider myself an everything fisherman. I forget that sometimes when I have back to back bass tournaments, but my son reminded me this past summer why we love “Fishing” so much.

It was hot and we had gone out bass fishing a few times and caught 5 to 10 fish each day. That’s okay during tournaments, but when you want to have fun, that is not nearly enough bites to justify sweating our butts off. My son recommended going salt water fishing one day just for something different. I actually thought it sounded like a great idea and couldn’t believe I didn’t think about it on my own. It took no convincing to change our plans for the next day.

We got up early to head out and fish as much as we could before it got too hot. It was in the low to mid 90’s all week so I decided I would get us out of the sun and anchor under a bridge. We only had a few snacks since it was still so warm and I didn’t expect us to stay more than a couple hours. We started out fishing with some shrimp and the fish started biting immediately. We caught plenty of pinfish, croaker, spots, oyster toadfish, and lizardfish. Nothing amazing but still fun to get the action started.

Then we started dropping down live fiddler crabs. We still had some of those smaller fish biting, but started adding Sheepshead and black drum to the mix as well. With some better fights my son started to prefer targeting the bigger fish. We continued fishing not even realizing how long we were out there and we noticed some fish feeding going on just within casting distance.

Fish were smashing bait fish at the surface. I quickly tied on a gotcha plug for my son to cast out. It only took a few casts and he was on. He reeled in a nice little bluefish and then just as quickly as I could get it off the hook he was casting back out and hooking up again. A few Spanish Mackerel and Jacks got in on the mix as well.

He was having a blast and catching more fish than he could dream of if we had just gone bass fishing. We didn’t even realize that we had been out there from sun up to sun down. The shade and breeze coming under the bridge kept us cool and comfortable all day long. We ended up doing this all summer and had multiple days of catching over 100 fish. We lost some big fish and we caught some big fish. Most importantly though, from that day forward, we packed more snacks.

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