Reel Regret

Last weekend I lost a good friend. A friend that I used to play a weekly poker game with. The kind of friend that you might not see for awhile, but then when you meet up again the same conversation continues. Every time I saw him he would ask me how my family was, and then ask me about the fishing. I would ask him when he was going to go out on the boat with me and he would say as soon as he gets better. I never did get to share the boat with him.

I have lost friends before. Lost them in the war. Lost them to accidents, or suicides. It never gets easier losing a friend. This one really hurts though. I always thought I would get to share the boat with you Lloyd. I always knew your health would get better and that I would finally get you out fishing. Would it have changed anything in our lives? Probably not. However, It would have been just one more memory I would get to have with you.

He was the kind of guy that would buy a beer for a stranger for no reason other than the stranger looked thirsty. His Obituary even said that he never met a stranger. Anyone he met was instantly his friend. He was just a good person in general. Someone we should all be more like. I hate having regrets, but I do regret never getting to fish with him. But in his memory, maybe I’ll invite a stranger to share the boat with. Make a new friend like Lloyd would have done.

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