If you fish long enough, it is inevitable that you will eventually get hooked. I’m not saying you will get addicted to fishing, although that may very well happen. I am saying you will eventually actually stick yourself with a hook. I have hooked myself more times than I can count, but luckily I have never gone past the barb. My son however, has gone past the barb twice.

The first time he hooked himself was a few years ago. He would have been maybe 5 years old. I was bass fishing on a small lake with him and a friend. It was before I had my bass boat so I had my rods sticking up in the vertical rod holders on my salt water boat. Kayo thought it would be a good idea to play with the line on the rods like they were guitar strings. Hooked!

He made a strange noise I can’t describe and then I heard my friend say “It’s bad man.” I look back and see a treble hook from a crank bait buried deep in the fattest part of his index finger. Quickly I put my hand over it so he can’t look at it while I search for my pliers. I have my friend keep his attention while I push the hook all the way out past the barb and cut it with the wire cutting part of the pliers. Then I pull the cut hook back through and stick a band aid on before he even saw blood.

We continue fishing and after a few minutes my friend says “Hes not looking so good man.” I look back to see my usually very tan son looking pasty white. I ask him if hes okay and before he can say anything he answers me by throwing up all over the floor in the boat. I know what your thinking. Why didn’t he throw up over the side? Yeah I was wondering that too. Anyways, after he got that out of his system he looks up at me and says ” I feel better now.” I give him a sprite, wash down the boat floor and continue fishing again.

The second time he hooked himself was just a few weeks ago when we were at Lake Norman. He was fishing off our dock for sunfish and catfish. I can’t even remember why he was handing me his rod, but for whatever reason he handed me his rod while still holding his hook and once again, Hooked. Once again its deep. This time I don’t have anything to cut it handy. I bite threw the line and cover his hand as we walk up to the lake house.

While I search for something to cut the hook I can see he is starting to dry heave. We rush to the sink and he gets that out of his system. I finally do the same procedure as above, give him a few sips of soda, and we are back out fishing in no time. Its not a fun part of fishing but it is part of it. Like I said, it is eventually going to happen. Hopefully you don’t go past the barb, but if you do, hopefully you either have a stronger stomach than my son, or some lemon lime soda on hand.

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