Fish Hunting


Now I think it is obvious that I love to catch fish with a rod and reel as much as anyone else out there if not more. However, when the summer temps and melting sun show up, I also enjoy hunting fish when the sun disappears over the horizon. Some people don’t consider flounder gigging fishing. I actually agree with them, although I don’t look down on it either. I just consider it fish hunting.

It is a great way to spend a summer night, having fun and filling a cooler with delicious fish at the same time. Slowly pulling yourself down a shallow bank listening to music makes it very easy to stay out until the sun comes up. You can walk through the shallows with a one light setup, or have the front of your boat rigged up with lights that can be seen from space. My rig is still a work in progress.

You can drift slowly down a bank and see nothing but sand and an occasional crab, or some nights the water will be full of life. My son gets to see things many adults have never seen. Baby sea turtles swimming past our lights. Starfish doing whatever it is that starfish do. Stingrays stalking the shallows looking for crustaceans. Not to mention all of the other fish you will see. Reddrum, blackdrum, and sheepshead can all be seen on a night out gigging. Our target fish though, is the flounder.

Flounder will lay flat on the bottom waiting for their food to come to them. Sometimes they can be very hard to see. Sometimes they take off and leave only little puffs of sand to let us know they were there. Sometimes they lay still hoping we will just float on bye. Unlucky for them if they are keeper sized. A lot of people see an ugly fish when they see a flounder, but I see the most beautiful and delicious golden brown fried fish fillets you have ever tasted. So before you look down on gigging, spend a night doing it, and taste the rewards the next day. You will be hooked on fish hunting as well.

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