About Me

I’m just a guy that loves to go fishing every chance I get. If I can’t go fishing, I like to write or create art about it. I’m the guy that used to drop his son off at school with the boat hooked up to my truck so I could get to the ramp as soon as possible.  

I started falling in love with fishing when I was too young to remember. I fished ponds, lakes, and streams with my Dad in western NY. We would pull all nighters for bullhead and catfish, and we would fish sun up to sunset for anything we could get to bite.

I joined the United States Marine Corps when I was 22, and thats what brought me down to North Carolina where I decided to stay even when I got out of the service. Here I discovered a whole new world of fishing, and I no longer have to fish through the ice in the winter.

I have a son who has been fishing with me and catching fish on his own since he was two years old. I also have a daughter who will be going on fishing adventures with us very soon. I have a wife who pushes me to get out as often as I can because she knows it is the greatest healing power for me. I also have a boat load of friends who have been there when I needed a friend most and I’m hoping I can be there for others like they have been there for me.

I hope when you read my stories that they inspire you. Fishing may not be your thing, but its more than just fishing stories. These are my Reel Stories.